Honeybush Vanilla

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This is hubby's favourite. Rich and warm, with an earthy but freshly baked cookie vibe.

A very exotic, sensual and subtle fragrance that warms the heart with top notes of Vanilla Orchid blended with middle notes of Rose, Honey, Caramel and Tobacco supported by
bottom notes of Vanilla Bean, Woody, Tonka, Amber and Musks.

All of our candles are carefully handcrafted using high quality wooden wicks for a unique burning experience.

Made with 100% natural coconut soy so you can enjoy a slower burning candle with an amazing scent throw cold or hot and still be helping the environment.

Top notes: Vanilla Orchid
Mid notes: Rose, Honey, Caramel, Tobacco
Base notes: Vanilla Bean,Wood, Tonka Amber, Musk

Weight by wax : 230g

Burn time : Approx. 46Hr +/-