October 08, 2020

Spring into Gingham

By Jemimah Thompson
Spring into Gingham

Guyssssss I love gingham!!! It's seriously the perfect print for Spring/Summer. Every time I see a gingham dress or top I imagine being in a field of sunflowers or having a picnic, when in reality I'll most likely be chomping away on a cheeseburger........ Let's be real!

I bought this gingham dress a few years ago and I swear I wore it everyyyyywhere haha, and even though my husband said it looked like I was wearing a tablecloth I didn't care, I'm going to buy all the tablecloths and wear them here, there and everywhere....lets see him stop me hahah.

Moving on though..... this new collection was created out of my love for gingham but also because I have literally seen this print everywhere this season and just needed to make them into earrings. I've got some beautiful Spring colours like a Mint (green) and a Periwinkle (purple) and of course I have to have a neutral set in what I like to call Oatmeal..... I cant not have a neutral set!

There's always nerves when releasing a new collection or style, wondering if everyone will love them as much as you do, So if you're reading this please love on me and tell me how much you love them. 

Just a quick reminder as well if you sign up for the first time you get 10% off your first purchase, we are offering FREE shipping Australia wide and we also have After-pay so you can buy now and pay later. And maybe you too can frolic in a field of flowers or be like me and eat a cheeseburger in the comfort of your own home. 

Thank you for reading along. 

x Jemimah 


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